Sima qian and commager

The “masters” in the shiji the “masters” in the shiji martin kern (princeton university) abstract most importantly sima qian’s shiji which provides a range of longer and shorter biographies of warring states thinkers yet the ways in which personal life experiences, ideas, and the creation of texts are. Commager and sima qian provide evidence for how history is based on a theory and how it is eventually selected, filtered and understood historians have different ideologies and judgements, which make up unique theoretical bases.

Chapter 8 classical china study play sima qian first great chinese historian the qin and han dynasties went further than the _____ empire in efforts to ____ persian foster cultural unity the collection of confucian sayings and teachings is known as the analects the philosophy of confucius formed a. Sima qian’s only known relative is sima tan, his father nowhere in his autobiography does sima qian mention any siblings, mother, wife, or children sima qian was strongly bound to his father who was the grand astrologer at the imperial court and he followed in his father’s steps by learning.

Sima qian was the son of sima tan, the grand historian (sometimes translated as “astronomer royal”) at the han court during the period 140–110 bce the office of grand historian combined responsibility for astronomical observations and for the regulation of the calendar with the duties of. Sima qian was born at xiayang in zuopingyi (near modern hancheng, shaanxi province) around 145 bc, though some sources give his birth year as around 135 bc around 136 bc, his father, sima tan , received an appointment to the relatively low-ranking position of grand historian ( tàishǐ 太史 , alt grand scribe or grand astrologer.

Sima qian was born about 145 bchis father, whose basic ideas and values were reported by his son in an autobiographical afterword to the shiji , was inclined towards the values of the daoistsbut he was an intelligent and eclectic man, and he had his son study widely. Sima qian pd courtesy of wikipedia born near longmen (dragon gate) on the yellow river, around 145 bc, during china's han dynasty, sima qian (ssu-ma ch'ien) is the father of chinese history (sometimes, historiography) -- like the late fifth century father of greek history, herodotus there is scant biographical record of sima qian, although the historian does provide autobiographical. Sima qian (circa 145‒86 bc), courtesy name zichang, a native of xiayang (present-day hancheng, shaanxi), was an official at the court of emperor wu (also known as han wudi, reigned 140‒87 bc), as a palace attendant, court astrologer, and imperial secretary.

Sima qian (/ ˈ s iː m ɑː ˈ tʃ iː ə n / chinese: 司馬遷 wade–giles: ssu-ma ch'ien / ˈ s uː m ɑː ˈ tʃ iː ə n /) was a chinese historian of the early han dynasty (206 bc – ad 220. Tends to sima qian’s own time: the shiji’s account of the western han “poetic exposition” ( fu 賦 ) is incoherent, highly incomplete, and does not even mention sima qian himself as a fu author even though in the. Shi ji (records of the grand historian), the first biographical general history of china, was compiled by sima qian, the western han historian, who devoted his entire life to this endeavor sima qian (circa 145‒86 bc), courtesy name zichang, a native of xiayang (present-day hancheng, shaanxi), was. In today's china, sima qian's book, the records of the grand historian, is regarded as the grandest history of them all what herodotus is to europeans, so sima qian is to chinese.

Sima qian and commager

The records of the grand historian, also known by its chinese name shiji, is a monumental history of ancient china and the world finished around 94 bc by the han dynasty official sima qian after having been started by his father, sima tan, grand astrologer to the imperial court. Sima qian and commager discuss, with reference to at least two historians one of these must be commager this statement is true, and is supported by a range of information, particularly shown in ‘the records of the historian’ of sima qian and ‘the nature and study of history’ by commager.

Indiana university, history g380 – class text readings – spring 2010 – r eno 412 sima qian and our view of early china as we have frequently had occasion to note, in the study of early china we owe the greatest debt.

Sima qian and commager
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